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Total Healing Life Coaching for the Mind, Body, & Soul

Total Healing Life Coaching helps individuals start living their best lives by overcoming self-limiting beliefs, negative patterns and behaviors, building more self-confidence, gaining emotional awareness and control over those emotions, and discovering more passion and purpose in life. We strive to provide affordable transformational one-on-one coaching sessions, available in Session Bundles of 12 or 5 sessions, as well as self-guided e-sessions with pre-recorded content that allows you to learn at your own pace.


Our coaching style consists of encouraging the client to create a more positive, healthy relationship with themself in an open, judgement-free zone. Through the use of scientifically based exercises and thought-provoking discussion, Total Healing can help you achieve the life you were meant to live! 


Additionally, we also offer numerology reports, and intuitive oracle card readings, as well as FREE guided affirmations & meditations, and FREE 30-Minute Discovery Calls for individuals who want to expand their connection with the Universe and gain valuable insight about themselves.  


About Me

Heather Woods is a Certified Master Mindset Life Coach, Master Spiritual Life Coach, and Master Transformation Life Coach. She has also earned her certification in mindfulness & meditation through the Transformation Academy and is certified in Numerology Reading. Her life purpose is to help others discover their life purpose, become more connected with their higher selves, enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, manifest success, and develop a growth mindset.

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I help individuals heal and become their best selves by overcoming limiting beliefs, feelings of being stuck, and obstacles holding them back.

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Total Healing Services


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Why a Life Coach?

Book a Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute discovery call, conducted via Zoom, to learn more about Total Healing's services and how they can help you start living your best life!

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Exclusive Discounted Rates for Healing Arts Collective Members!

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As a life coach and overall wellness practitioner, I am proud to be offering my services at a discounted rate through Healing Arts Collective for those who can't afford holistic care, allowing me to reach more individuals who want to overcome obstacles, create lasting change, gain control over their thoughts and emotions, and develop a more positive mindset.


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Schedule a FREE no-obligation Discovery Call to learn how Total Healing can help you transform!

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