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21-Day Mindfulness Challenge

In this thoughtfully-crafted package, you will:

  • Gain multiple tools and exercises to create a daily mindfulness and meditation practice or add to your existing practice.

  • Become more aware and present in your life.

  • Gain more control over your thoughts and develop more focus throughout the day.

  • Relieve stress and anxiety, while calming your nervous system.

  • Maintain a 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge Journal - a compilation of your daily challenges – with notes and reflections from each exercise.

Key Objectives:

Learn tools and techniques to create and maintain a daily mindfulness and meditation practice, while fostering more focus and presence in your life.

Session Outline:

  • The 3 Core Skills of Mindfulness

  • 7 Common Myths About Mindfulness

  • 3 Types of Meditation

  • Week 1: Mindful Awareness of the Present Moment

  • Week 2: Awareness of Thoughts & Emotions

  • Week 3: Awareness of Self and With Others

All Price Levels Include: 

  • Daily email check-ins with affirmations and exercise reminders.

  • 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge Journal for daily reflection.

  • Guided meditation recordings.

  • 21 days of unlimited chat/email support throughout the program.

  • Affirmations for Transformation (BONUS)

  • Forgiveness & Loving Kindness Meditations (BONUS)

Mindfulness Weekly Sessions.png
3 Week Program
  • 3 weekly, 60-minute sessions

  • In-session guided meditations

Mindfulness Self-Guided.png
3 Week Program
  • 1 session at start for 60-minutes, self-guided for remainder of 21 days

  • 80+page, 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge Guidebook for the independent learner (includes all content covered in one handy manual)

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Schedule a FREE no-obligation Discovery Call to learn how Total Healing can help you transform!

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