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About this Bundle

❓Need help fostering more self-awareness and control over your emotions❓

In Total Healing's 12 Session 1:1 Coaching Bundle, Achieve Emotional Awareness, you'll uncover the techniques to increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), develop awareness of your thoughts and emotions, and banish self-judgement and perfectionism. In addition, you will learn healthy communication strategies and build your self-confidence.

💥As a bonus, you'll receive the Deep Dive Coaching Success Journal - a $577 value!💥

Embrace Your Emotions!

Do you:

  • have trouble controlling your thoughts and emotions?

  • want to reframe your self-limiting thoughts and build more self-confidence?

  • struggle with handling other people's emotions and want to develop your own interpersonal skills?

  • want to banish judgmental thinking towards both yourself and others?

If you answered yes to these questions, then the Achieve Emotional Awareness 12 Session Bundle is for you!


Download the session timeline to see what this bundle covers...

Achieve Emotional Awareness Coaching Timeline WEB (2)
Download PDF • 7.50MB

Achieve Emotional Awareness


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