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Astrology E-Book

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Astrology has been practiced for thousands of years and by numerous different cultures around the world. Certain individuals view it as a prediction of the future, while others see Astrology as a guide to daily life. In its most basic sense Astrology is the search for meaning in life amongst the stars. Regardless of what your specific beliefs are, Astrology can be an amazing tool to obtain unique insights into your life and better understand the people around you. In Total Healing’s Astrology E-Book, you’ll gain knowledge of the basics and history of astrology, as well as the characteristics of each of the zodiac signs. You’ll also come away with an understanding of the houses of the zodiac, plus tools used in astrology and much more. In addition, you’ll receive Total Healing’s Astrology Resource Cheat Sheet to use as a quick reference guide to learn the basics; plus, a bonus guide to numerology! Astrology E-Book Includes: Outline: Chapter 1: Astrology Chapter 2: The History of Astrology Chapter 3: Zodiac Sign Basics Chapter 4: Zodiac Sign Houses Basics Chapter 5: Characteristics of Different Zodiac Signs Chapter 6: Characteristics of f of the Different Zodiac Houses Chapter 7: Tools Used in Astrology Chapter 8: Astrology in Folklore Chapter 9: Variations Per Region Conclusion Resource Cheat Sheet: Astrology Symbols Astrology Elements Astrology Personality Types Bonus: Quick Guide to Numerology © 2023 Total Healing Life Coaching. All rights reserved.


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