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Crystal Healing E-Book

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Crystal therapy or crystal healing is a type of vibrational medicine. Crystal therapy typically involves the application of crystals or gemstones to aid in the healing of one's body or spirit. Gemstones hold spiritual and healing attributes that may be tapped into in a myriad of ways. Crystals can be carried or worn on the individual or placed in a location where their therapeutic vibrations may be felt by whosoever is nearby. Healers likewise, place stones on their clients' reclined bodies to equilibrate the chakras and aura. In Total Healing’s Crystal Healing E-Book, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about crystals or gemstones that have healing power when used with positive intentions. You’ll learn to harness that power when it comes to healing your energy, your vibration, and your life. Uncover ways to use crystals to ramp up your energy, enhance psychic abilities, detox your body and so much more. Included with this e-book, formatted for your convenience, you’ll receive the Crystal Healing Resource Cheat Sheet to use as a quick reference quick of some common crystals and their characteristics. Crystal Healing E-Book Includes: Outline: Chapter 1: What’s Behind Crystal Healing Chapter 2: Ramping Up Your Energy Chapter 3: All About Amethyst Chapter 4: Apatite Chapter 5: Green Serpentine Chapter 6: What Turquoise Can Do Chapter 7: Quartz Chapter 8: Bloodstone Chapter 9: Choosing the Right Crystals Conclusion Resource Cheat Sheet: Common Crystals & Their Characteristics


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