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Overcome Imposter Syndrome E-Course

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Stop Feeling Like an Imposter and Build Self-Confidence at Work and in Life If you want to manage imposter syndrome and learn to feel successful once again, then you will want to learn the skills needed to assess your achievements. You will also need to determine where your imposter syndrome stems from, so you can cut it out of your life. There are five different types of imposter syndrome - each with a slightly different cause. You will want to know which type you have, so you can overcome it. Dealing with imposter syndrome on your own can be challenging, but you need to recognize that you don’t have to be alone in this. Total Healing Overcome Imposter Syndrome E-Course includes all of the information you will need to recognize and deal with imposter syndrome. If you want to move forward with your career, then you don’t want to miss this course. Here's what you'll learn: Understanding imposter syndrome How to overcome imposter syndrome How to recognize imposter syndrome in children The easiest ways to manage imposter syndrome How to be kinder to yourself Why you should work on yourself Why you should abandon perfectionism Knowing when your work is good enough Learning not to rely on criticism Understanding your value at work Why you should track all your success Redefining success for yourself And much more! Course Includes: 10 module video series E-Book Checklist Resource Cheat Sheet Mind Map Certificate of Completion/Badge


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