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Reading the Tarot E-Book

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Many people that are not open to the idea of the Tarot and intuition dismiss the idea of reading with the cards as a cheap parlor trick. The truth is that most people have a misconception of what a reading is. It's the intuitive gifts that the reader has and how he or she applies them to the cards that makes a reading effective. Most people who read cards are already intuitive to an extent from very early on in their lives which is what made them gravitate to the tarot in the first place. In Total Healing’s Reading the Tarot E-Book, you can easily understand and interpret the Tarot. Uncover tips to get started and learn the major and minor arcana, with a breakdown of the suits, so you can start reading for yourself and others! Plus, receive the Reading the Tarot Cheat Sheet to use as a quick reference guide while learning the cards. The Lightworkers Guide E-Book Includes: Outline: Chapter 1: An Historical Overview Chapter 2: Intuition and the Tarot Chapter 3: Getting Started – Clearing Your Tarot Deck and Space Chapter 4: The Major Arcana Chapter 5: The Minor Arcana Chapter 6: Wands Chapter 7: Cups Chapter 8: Pentacles Chapter 9: Swords Chapter 10: Conclusion – An Easy Spread to Get Your Started Resource Cheat Sheet: Major Arcana Part 1 Major Arcana Part 2 Pentacles Swords Cups Wands © 2023. Total Healing Life Coaching. All rights reserved.


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