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Self-Confidence Mastery E-Book

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Self-confidence is something that most people think other people have, while it’s out of reach for themselves. All of us were endowed with special attributes though we rarely recognize these gifts. We are all capable of being self-confident. It’s not something that we can touch nor see. It’s not something that was given to the person sitting next to you while you were passed over. It is something that we all possess. In Total Healing’s Self-Confidence Mastery E-Book, you’ll discover the root of your lack of self-confidence and gain tips to overcome it. You’ll also uncover tips to help you believe in yourself and ways to boost your confidence, making you a master of your own self-confidence. Included with this e-book, you’ll receive the Self-Confidence Mastery Checklist to follow along with key points, as well as the Resource Cheat Sheet, which provides you with additional resources on this topic. The Self-Confidence Mastery E-Book Includes: E-Book Outline: Introduction Chapter 1: A Philosophy That Will Increase Your Self-Confidence Chapter 2: Where Do You Get Self-Confidence From? Within Chapter 3: Overcoming Your Lack of Self-Confidence Chapter 4: The Roots of Your Low Self-Confidence Chapter 5: What to Do When You Need To Boost Your Self-Confidence Chapter 6: Improve Self-Confidence By Believing in Yourself Chapter 7: Advice to Parents to Build Self-Confidence in Children Chapter 8: Help for the Unconfident Conclusion Also Includes: Checklist Resource Cheat Sheet


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