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Speaking with Confidence E-Course

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Level Up Your Confidence Speaking In Front of People So You Can Captivate and Influence Sweaty hands, beating heart, and nerves up the wall. These can be common symptoms for someone who does not like or enjoy speaking in public, even if it is on a topic that they really enjoy. This can make it hard to even get up to the front to deliver the speech. Anyone can become great at public speaking, no matter how their past with communication has gone. In Total Healing’s Speak with Confidence E-Course, you can easily learn and apply the skills and techniques needed to finally give a great speech and impress everyone in your audience. Here's what you'll learn: The basics of presenting with simple words. How to avoid filler language that distracts from the message. The importance of body language. How to properly do the research so you have plenty of topics for your speech, making you the most knowledgeable person in the room. How to use vocal exercises to help with pronunciation and more. The power of a pause and why you should use them. How to speak on a Zoom or other online medium in our modern world. The importance of practicing to help you get better and better, building up the confidence that you need. And much more! Course Includes: 10 module video series E-Book Checklist Resource Cheat Sheet Mind Map Certificate of Completion/Badge


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