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Supercharge Your Body E-Course

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Increasing our understanding of how our immune system works and what you can do to boost your body’s immunity is key to succeeding in fighting disease and illness. Not only are we more likely to adopt healthier habits, but we are also more likely to change our lifestyle if we know what can sustain our health. The immune system is linked to so many aspects of our life. The food we eat, the quality of our sleep, and the level of stress are all things that are within our control to supercharge our body. In Total Healing’s Supercharge Your Body E-Course, you’ll gain guidance on how YOU CAN fight harmful viruses and bacteria. You’ll also learn the various steps that you can implement today to strengthen your immunity. Explore the basics of your immune system, the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, and learn which foods you can add to your meal that will help you avoid illness. Plus, learn natural medicines, uncover recipes, and receive a 21-Day Plan that can help you put all that you've learned into practice. Here's what you'll learn: Foods to adopt in your meals for immune support How to charge your immune system in 21 days and stay healthy Delicious recipes to support your immune system Supplements to improve your body’s immunity Manage your daily stress and increase your immunity Techniques to detoxify your body Boost your immunity Course Includes: 10 module video series E-Book Checklist Resource Cheat Sheet Mind Map Certificate of Completion/Badge


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