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The Anxious Brain E-Book

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You feel tingling or numbness in your hands and feet… you start to feel pressure in your chest… you think you may be dying or at the least having a heart attack… you think you may be going crazy… but you're NOT! These are the classic symptoms of an Anxiety Attack. Millions of people scattered about the United States, not to mention other countries across the world, have them every single day. You may be one of them. Or you may know someone that is battling with this affliction. In Total Healing’s The Anxious Brain E-Book, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what anxiety is and what causes it, learn to identify your triggers, and uncover the tell-tale signs of a panic attack to stop them in their tracks, plus much more. Included with this e-book, which is formatted for your convenience, you’ll receive the Anxious Brain Checklist to follow along with key points, as well as the Resource Cheat Sheet, which provides you with additional resources on this topic. The Anxious Brain E-Book Includes: E-Book Outline: Introduction Chapter 1: Knowing What Anxiety Is Chapter 2: Managing Your Anxiety Chapter 3: Knowing the Different Types of Anxiety Chapter 4: Supporting Others Who Suffer from Anxiety Chapter 5: Tell-Tale Signs of Anxiety Attacks Chapter 6: Eliminating Your Anxiety Chapter 7: Knowing and Managing Anxiety Triggers Chapter 8: The Relationship Between Anxiety and Depression Conclusion Also Includes: Checklist Resource Cheat Sheet © 2023. Total Healing Life Coaching


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