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The Daily Affirmation E-Course

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With the help of positive affirmations, anyone can improve their mindset and start manifesting their desires and begin living a life they've always dreamed of. Affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to change the way you think and gain many benefits including a boost in self-confidence and belief in your abilities, more energy to achieve your goals, an increase in positive thinking, and many more. If you’re struggling with manifesting all your heart’s desires, you’re not alone. Luckily, Total Healing’s Daily Affirmations E-Course provides you with all the tools you need to help you start attracting health, wealth, and happiness through the use of positive, transformational affirmations you can apply to your everyday life. Included in this course is a comprehensive handbook that provides you with 365 powerful affirmations to help you manifest your desires and start living your best life! Here's what you'll learn: How to use positive affirmations to attract your desires. How to make affirmations work for you. How to manifest better health. How to attract wealth. How to bring success into your life. How to foster a positive mindset and gain more self-confidence. Perform better academically, athletically, and at work. Enjoy a lower level of stress every day. How to incorporate creative visualization techniques. And much more! Course Includes: 10 module video series E-Book Checklist Resource Cheat Sheet Mind Map Certificate of Completion/Badge


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