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The Lightworkers Guide E-Book

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Are there times where you feel that you are called to heal others? Do you want to try and resolve the social and environmental issues affecting the world? Do you feel compelled to heal your life as an initial step in healing others? If you feel and experience these emotions, then you have already started your journey into becoming a lightworker. In Total Healing’s Lightworkers Guide E-Book, you’ll uncover the secrets to becoming a lightworker and use your unique talents to help others. Learn the stages and challenges involved with being a lightworker. In addition, we’ll walk you through the process of a spiritual awakening, including the seven stages to awakening, plus, tips for receiving divine guidance and more. The Lightworkers Guide E-Book Includes: Outline: Introduction The Basics Stages to Being a Lightworker Spiritual Training The Process of Awakening Types of Lightworkers Ascension and Guidance Accepting the Call Resource Cheat Sheet: The Four Intuitive Types © 2023. Total Healing Life Coaching. All rights reserved.


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