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30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge - Day 1.jpg

Ready to Take the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge?? 

November is National Gratitude Month and I’m challenging YOU to take the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge! 

Each day during the month of November, I will give you a guided journal prompt to foster more gratitude and compassion in your life. Then, I’ll give you a time limit of 5-10 minutes to freely write down anything that comes to your mind from the journal prompt provided. After each prompt, I’ll chime in with a few countdown reminders to let you know how much time remains. 

It’s always difficult to start a new habit, but with the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge, you’ll be able to adapt the new habits of journaling AND practicing gratitude at the same time!!

For best results, follow the simple tips below. 


  • Be consistent with your journaling practice (i.e. daily at a specific time time)

  • Use Journal Prompts 

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to get started; that’s where journal prompts come in handy. 

  • A journal prompt assists you with your journaling practice by providing an idea or topic to journal about. 

Just Write

  • Don’t worry about errors, spelling, or grammar. Your journal is just for you to see.

  • Use a Timer

  • Give yourself a minimum time limit. I recommend you begin with 5-10 minutes to start with, then work your way up to longer increments. 

  • Use a timer or stopwatch/ use smartphone feature.

Give Yourself Grace

  • If you skip a day or two, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just keep on going ‘til the end. 

  • Embrace this experience without judging your thoughts or emotions. 

Best of Luck to you with the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge! 

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