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Emotional Intelligence for Managers

In this emotionally charged package, you will:

  • Learn how emotions are contagious and why emotional intelligence is so important. 

  • Discover your own level of emotional intelligence and methods to boost it. 

  • Gain tools to increase the emotional intelligence for both you and your team.

  • Become more capable of developing empathy and rapport with others to improve relationships. 

  • Uncover tips for healthy communication. 


Key Objectives:

Develop an awareness of your emotions and improve both your professional and personal relationships by practicing tools and techniques to increase your emotional intelligence. 

Session Outline

  • Session 1: Understanding EQ in the Workplace

  • Session 2: Intrapersonal Emotional Intelligence

  • Session 3: Reframing Your Thoughts

  • Session 4: Stress and EQ

  • Session 5: Interpersonal Emotional Intelligence

  • Session 6: Being an Emotionally Intelligent Manager

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