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Schedule a FREE no-obligation Discovery Call to learn how Total Healing can help you transform!

Featured Package of the Month

50% Off the Entire
Month of August!

The featured package is available for the entire month at an incredible 50% discount off the listed price!

Plus, pay in full prior to your first appointment and receive an additional 20% off!! 

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Featured Coaching Package of the Month  August - Happiness.png

Featured Coaching Package for the Month of August

In this eye-opening package, you will: 

  • Learn the 6 Layers of an Individual and apply them to yourself to create more inner joy and peace.

  • Change limiting beliefs, identify triggers, and let go of your ego.

  • Become Your Best Self by identifying who you really want to be.

  • Develop an awareness of your emotions and foster emotional well-being of the self.

  • Learn the step to forgiveness and use them to let go of past pain.

Key Objectives:

Create a growth mindset and eliminate thought patterns that you from feeling happy and set goals to Become Your Best Self. 

Featured Package Discount applied at checkout. Not valid with other offers. 


Exclusive Discounted Rates for Healing Arts Collective Members!

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As a life coach and overall wellness practitioner, I am proud to be offering my services at a discounted rate through Healing Arts Collective for those who can't afford holistic care, allowing me to reach more individuals who want to overcome obstacles, create lasting change, gain control over their thoughts and emotions, and develop a more positive mindset.

Schedule a FREE no-obligation Discovery Call to learn how Total Healing can help you transform!

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