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MASTER Certifications

Self-Care Life Coach.png
MASTER Spiritual Life Coach.png
MASTER Transformation Life Coach.png
MASTER Life Coach.png
MASTER Mindset Life Coach.png

Specialty Certifications

Law of Attraction Life Coach.png
Meditation Coach & Facilitator.png
Career Coach.png
Cognitve Behavorial Life Caoch.png
Confidence Life Coach.png
Emotional Intelligence Coach.png
Empowerment Coach.png
Empowerment Self-Defense.png
Focus Mastery & Breakthrough Coach.png
Goal Success Life Coach.png
Group Life Coach.png
Happiness Life Coach.png
Health & Nutrition Coach.png
Mindfulness Life Coach.png
People Pleaser Life Coach.png
Professional Life Coach.png
REBT Mindset Coach.png
Relationship Workshop Facilitator.png
Shamanic Life Coach.png
Spiritual Life Coach.png
Yoga Life Coach.png

Additional Certifications

Mastering Intermediate Numerology for Psychich Development.jpg
Numerology Master Practitioner Reader.jpg
Reading Angel and Oracle Cards (intermediate).jpg

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Heather Woods headshot.jpeg.jpg

Heather Woods is a Certified Master Mindset and Spiritual Life Coach, offering affordable 1:1 coaching bundles with an emphasis on self-care and self-empowerment. She has also earned her certification in mindfulness & meditation through the Transformation Academy and is certified in Numerology and Oracle Card Reading. Her life purpose is to help others discover their life purpose, become more connected with their intuition, enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, manifest success, and develop a growth mindset, while creating a better relationship with themselves.

Pledge to My Clients

I am a firm believer in continuing education and I love learning! I am always aspiring to gain more tools and knowledge, not only for my own development, but to provide additional resources and materials to my clients. I pledge to always continue improving myself, so that I can offer the best and latest strategies and tools to my clients. I want my clients to be assured that I am on the journey to self-discovery along with them! 

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