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Additional Certifications

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Passionate About Inspiring Others

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In her early adulthood, she experienced the devastating terrorist attack of 911 with the rest of the nation, while watching the news and waiting to see if her uncle would ever return from work that day from the World Trade Center. He never did.

Later in life, she experienced several bad breakups and abusive relations, including a failed marriage to someone who mentally, emotionally, financially, and psychologically abused her on a daily basis. In addition, she’s had trouble finding fulfillment in her work life in marketing and communications. She's had a series of bad jobs and abusive bosses, and even lost several different positions due to mass layoffs.

In addition to everything else, Heather battles with a plethora of medical issues, due to fibromyalgia, non-radiographical axial spondyloarthritis, and sacroiliitis, all of which cause extreme pain throughout her muscles and joints, making it difficult to do everyday tasks, including put weight on her legs/hips.

After losing yet another job, Heather felt completely lost and hopeless. She didn’t know what she wanted to do anymore with her life. She felt like everything up until this point had been a struggle. She always felt like she had a bigger purpose in life but didn’t know what it was.

All her life, she has always been drawn to spirituality and metaphysics. This path led her to her spiritual awaking. Through the practice of yoga, as well as mindfulness and meditation, she has come to find meaning from her past experiences and has grown from them. She also discovered that her life purpose is to be a Life Coach. She realized that everything she’s experienced has led her to her profession in order to help others find meaning from their own experiences and live the lives they were meant to be living.

Heather has earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and her Master of Arts in English. Some of Heather’s spiritual influences include Delores Cannon, Eckart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Louse Hay.

Heather Woods is a Certified Master Mindset Life Coach, Master Spiritual Life Coach, and Master Transformation Life Coach. She has also earned her certification in mindfulness & meditation through the Transformation Academy and is certified in Numerology Reading. Her life purpose is to help others discover their own life purpose, become more connected with their higher selves, enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, manifest success, and achieve their goals. 

Growing up, Heather experienced several traumatic circumstances that have, not only made her a much stronger person today, but made her realize who she really is and what her purpose on this earth is all about. Even though these experiences aren’t something she would want to relive, she is grateful for the learning opportunities they’ve provided her, and she continues to learn from them often.

At the age of 12, Heather lost her father from a massive heart. He was only 44 years old. After that, Heather’s life, along with her mother and two sisters’ lives were forever changed. As Heather grew up, her mother started dating someone new who, let’s just say, was set out to destroy our family from the start with his lies, among other things. Since those early days, Heather has always felt like the black sheep of her family.

MASTER Certifications

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