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🎬 Vlog Post | Cure Insomnia with Essential Oils (Aromatherapy Vlog Series)

Aromatherapy and the Senses Aromatherapy provides us with a natural remedy to deal with insomnia, anxiety, and stress. The primary purpose of aromatherapy is to produce a pleasant aroma that induces a certain effect on the human body. The fragrances emitted from essential oils work on a subconscious level. Smell can actually affect the way that human beings behave. Different smells can stimulate the brain and evoke feelings that are then associated with that smell. Aromatherapy is used for both mental and emotional well-being, and can also be used for the improvement of physical ailments, such as pain relief or stuffy nose.

Essential Oils for Promoting Sleep The oils of aromatherapy are often used to stimulate or relax the user as needed. Some essential oils that are very calming to our nervous system include chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood, neroli, ylang-ylang, But the most popular aromatherapy oil used today is lavender.

Lavender is very versatile and can even be grown in your own backyard. It also works great for digestive related issues and as a very effective antidepressant. Further, it calms nerves, relaxes the body, and promotes sleep.

Chamomile is a bit more versatile as you can drink it in the form of tea or use the oils in something similar to an incense burner. If you look into aromatherapy for the sole purpose of helping you with your insomnia, then there will be actual recipes, or mixtures of oils, that you can make yourself to help battle your sleeplessness. There are a few different ways that you can enjoy the smells of aromatherapy such as putting a few drops in your bath water, in a diffuser, as a massage oil, in a roller, added to an unscented lotion (or make your own), or you can even sprinkle a few drops on your pillow at night.

Combining Essential Oils for Added Benefits One combination of oils, in particular, that works well for providing relaxation is a mixture of two drops of jasmine oil and four drops of lavender oil. This can be used in a diffuser or you can simply place drops of the mixture around your bedroom. Just make sure that you place them where you will be able to smell it best. This mixture can also be used for a massage. Additionally, you can combine your essential oils with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, and place it in a glass roller. Then, when it’s time for bed, you can easily roll the scent on your temples, forehead, and wrists for a good night’s sleep.

Pro Tip: Aromatherapy candles are also available in various scents. While candles are a great added touch to your aromatherapy practice, they do not release enough, if any, pure essential oils into the atmosphere to effectively achieve their benefits. To Your Health! In conjunction with aromatherapy, meditation and yoga can work very effectively to ease tension and stress, as well as free the negative energy that your body is holding onto, which is causing you to lose precious sleep. Besides helping with just insomnia the use of aromatherapy can also lead you into a healthier lifestyle in general. When we sleep well, we feel better. And when we feel better, we do more of the things that make us feel better. The everyday stresses of life can build up and cause us to experience anxiety and insomnia. When that happens, just remember that a combination of essential oils can literally be magical in creating a harmonic balance, a sense of well-being and relaxation, and promoting sleep.


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