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✍️ Blog Post | Power Tips for Getting Unstuck (Feeling Stuck Blog Series)

Feeling Stuck Blog Series

It’s very common for people to find themselves at a point in their lives where they feel lost, stuck, or unfulfilled. It’s not even uncommon to find ourselves stuck at many times in our lives. It’s important to note that these feelings are a giant red flag. They are a sign that you are not living your purpose or need to make a change.

One of the best, and most effective ways to dissolve the feelings of being stuck is to improve through personal development. At its basis, personal development is anything that allows us to shape our lives into that of our own choosing. This is one of the most sought-after goals among self-improvement practitioners. There are some excellent methods available for achieving it.

Remember that it can be easier said than done, though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a good effort. Through practice and consistency, you can create a life that has meaning and leaves you feeling fulfilled at the end of the day.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Clear The Clutter From Your Life

There is an excellent saying in the personal development field, “a tidy desk is a tidy mind.” Oftentimes, your outer environment is a reflection of the way you think and feel. Is your living or working space always cluttered? It’s important that you start to organize your environment to reflect the life you are building. Clear away unnecessary clutter from your surroundings. This may sound like a meaningless task, but you are sending a very clear message to your subconscious mind that you intend to get organized and make room for better things. When you begin to organize your living and working environment it allows you to develop the basic skills needed for organizing your life. This can be achieved through goals. You should structure your goals in such a way that each one builds on the other and ensure that they are not in opposition to one another.

Don’t Be Too Set On Achieving Your Goals In Exactly The Manner You Intend

A major factor when it comes to people giving up on their goals is the inability to go with the flow. Flexibility is key, both in life, and when going after your dreams. Unforeseen things may happen that interfere with your plans, and you will soon find that you will need to be able to restructure plans and change direction when circumstances dictate. Be willing to allow your goals to change shape. You may come up with something even better than you thought!

Don’t Focus On The Mistakes

When you fail, simply analyze, and learn the lesson your mistakes are trying to teach you. There is no need to be ashamed of failure as it provides us with the knowledge to get one step closer to accomplishing what we set out to do. By staying focused on your failures, problems, or mistakes, you run the risk of creating more by putting your energy on it. Instead, focus on the solutions, your achievements and the fact that you are still in the game. Consider any mistakes you’ve made as life lessons. Apply what you have learned from them and use them as references (of what not to do) in the future.

Make Sure You Follow Through On Your Plans

Persistence can accomplish things that nothing else can. How many times were you close to the end of the finish line, and without even knowing how close you were, you quit? You may be someone who has driven to the start of a venture but finds your enthusiasm waning as you progress, lacking the motivation that is needed to keep you going during times of hardship or when you’re lacking confidence. When you feel your motivation declining, remember all the reasons why you want each of your goals. What is your BIG WHY? Why do you want it? Keeping your reasons close to the vest will continue to motivate you when times are tough. Those who persist, especially in times like these, are those who WIN!


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