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🎬 Vlog Post | Why it’s Crucial that You Relax and Unwind (Stress Management Blog Series)

Have you often said to yourself, “I don’t have time to relax!?”

The truth is, you don’t have time not to!

Being able to relax is important to achieving optimal performance and health. You name it; being relaxed will increase your productivity, focus, and creativity. If you're not relaxed, everything you do can be a struggle. Relaxation provides mind-body integration necessary for peak performance.

It’s crucial for our wellbeing to relax in order to clear our minds and free your bodies of any tension. Relaxation allows you to regain focus, take control over your emotions, and to help return to a balanced physical state. Relaxation is vital for a healthy mind and is required to maintain motivation and interest in our lives and careers. Not being able to relax and unwind can be damaging to your health. Even when there are huge demands on your life; you may have a large family, an important career, and a home amongst your other weekly commitments and responsibilities, BUT it is still necessary to find your own time and space to relax.

It is very important that throughout the day we find time to relax. Twenty minutes, two or three times a day, is preferred. If you can’t manage twenty minutes, it’s important to realize that whatever amount of time you do manage to get to relax will be beneficial to your mind and body.

When time is short there are a number of things you can do: reading, writing, daydreaming, or just sitting quietly. Quite often whatever you do to relax will be personal and work for you, so you need to find what works best to accommodate your schedule and your needs to unwind.

As a life coach, I have worked with numerous people with issues relating to relaxation, stress, anxiety, racing thoughts, and even physical pain caused by stress. It’s interesting that initially, many people find it difficult to slow down and see the benefits of taking more time out for themselves. However, after a few weeks, a couple of life coaching sessions focused on this area, and a bit of commitment on their part, most clients saw countless benefits, and chose to continue making self-care a priority in their lives.

Common Benefits of Relaxation:

  • Improvement in your ability to concentrate and ability to tune out distractions

  • Better sensory awareness

  • Improved awareness of physical sensations

  • Increased healing time following an injury and fatigue

  • Enhanced learning and cognitive abilities

  • Improved sleep

  • Brings your focus back on the present and gives you a sense of control

  • Increased energy

If you don’t take the time to unwind and relax regularly, you might be putting, not only your own health and well-being at risk, but also that of others as well.

In relation to your responsibility to the health and safety of others; we only have to think of driving a car, or operating machinery, and how our ability to do these tasks diminishes when we are tense, tired, stressed, upset, etc. So, our responsibility to relax is not just for our own sake but, in fact, it’s or the safety of others as well.

With regards to our own health and emotional well-being, if we don’t make time to relax regularly, we are putting our physical and mental health at risk.

By not relaxing when we need to, we may experience:

Headaches, tension headaches and migraines. Tension headaches are susceptible by definition to treatment by relaxation.

  • Chronic fatigue/total lack of energy

  • Demotivated/lacking motivation

  • Cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure and heart disease, heart attack

  • Gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, constipation, and stomach ulcers as well as indigestion and heartburn.

  • Poor immune system, susceptible to illness

Early warning signs that we need to take a break and relax include:

  • Yawning/sighing

  • Lack of concentration/difficulty focusing

  • Feeling the urge to stretch and move about

  • General decrease in performance/productivity

  • Feelings of stress and irritability

  • Performing uncommon errors

  • Tiredness/fatigue

If we are aware of the signs and take a break when we need to, we could avoid a lot of stress and fatigue, become more rational and focused, and become far better equipped at identifying and managing our emotions.

Spending a lifetime ignoring the signs of stress and exhaustion could impact heavily, not only on your health, well-being, and happiness, but also affect those around you. Relationships could suffer as well as your career. On a personal note, the consequences of not taking time to relax over a lifetime could mean you pay the ultimate price.

You say you don’t have time to relax. I say you don’t have time not to make yourself a priority!

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