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The Power of a Dream

Life Purpose Blog Series


If you’ve ever listened to the ways a young child or adolescent talks about what they aspire to be when they grow up, then you’ve probably noticed yourself feeling excitement for their excitement. As children, we are not clouded by the self-doubt and disappointment that prevents us as adults from going after our goals. If you listen to children talk about their future, you get the sense that they believe it’s okay to dream and it’s possible to believe in yourself enough to make your dreams come true.


As adults, it’s critical to realize that the power of a dream will enable you to achieve whatever your ultimate "WHY" in life is. By the age 25, most people lose all of their dreams and fall into a rut. From the age 25-65, people generally go back and forth to work and say to themselves," I wish...if only I could have...if only I knew then what I know now," and numerous other lamentations as to why they do not feel fulfilled in life. The key in life to feeling fulfilled is to simply listen to your inner spirit and make your daily work in life something that you love to do and will help you achieve your DREAMS!

The keyword in that sentence is DREAMS! Too many people when asked, "Where do you see yourself 2-5 years from now" give the answer, "I don’t know, just let me make it through the week." The underlying reason that they don’t know where they are going to be is because they have no dreams. This can be extremely frightening!


To help you remember what you used to be passionate about, take a moment to reflect on your childhood dreams. What did you want to be when you grew up? An athlete? A doctor? A reporter? A rockstar? An astronaut? What were you excited about and WHY?

Now, set a timer for 5 minutes and think about – or BETTER YET – write down all of your passions from childhood and try to remember what about those interests made you want to pursue it. Provide as much detail as possible. If it helps, close your eyes and take yourself back to those moments in your life when you dreamt of becoming something special. Add additional time if needed.


As a mindset and spiritual life coach, as well as a blogger and content creator, my ultimate outcome is to empower people to find their WHY in life -- to catapult them to attain their dreams. In order to succeed in achieving your aspirations, it’s vitally important to be around a supportive mastermind team, which will push you to go forward and encourage you to go after your dreams. As an overall population, over 95% of adults have no mastermind team, but they do have a group of so-called friends, who will convey every reason as to why they should never try to win and settle with their life. You need to stop right now and take a personal inventory of your life and ask yourself three life-changing questions:

  1. WHAT is my WHY in LIFE?!!! (Why am I getting up each and every day?)

  2. WHO is my Mastermind Team?

  3. WHERE do I see myself 2-5 years from now?

When you answer these questions, you need to be honest with yourself because the truth shall set you free! The key to living a fulfilled life is waking up each day with a driving desire to achieve your "WHY”. The key to winning in life is to be part of a winning team and realize life decisions are challenging but very beneficial. Now, you’re ready to bring your dreams back to life!


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