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🎬Vlog Post | Replacing Your Negatives with Positives (Positive Motivation Vlog Series)

If you want to move your life ahead, you should replace the negatives in your life with positives. I’m going to show you how to take the negative influences in your life away and replace them with positives, so you can gain a boost in your confidence, morale, and productivity. Let’s start focusing on the positive for success and peak performance.

Most of us are not aware of the number of negative influences in our lives. We are bombarded with negative messages from the media, the people around us, and most damaging of all, ourselves.

Step 1: Reframe Your Negative Experiences

The first step in the process of replacing negatives with positives in your life is to make a decision to start looking for, or identifying, all of the negative messages around you and to create ways to replace them with positives. Decide that you will focus on the positive in your life, instead of everything that you perceive to be wrong with your life.

Pro Tip: One great exercise you can try to reframe your past negative experiences is to look for the silver lining. What lesson or skill did you learn because of it? Did you gain something out of it that you wouldn’t have otherwise? Did other opportunities arise? Ask yourself what positive outcomes you’ve gained that you wouldn’t have if the negative experience or influence didn’t occur. For instance, let’s use the example of being fired from your job. While this may have caused your confidence to suffer and you may have struggled to get back on your feet at first, in the long run, you were able to dust yourself off and find your dream job! Without that loss and difficult time in your life, you wouldn’t have pushed yourself to get back out there and go after the job you wanted, rather than settle for a job you didn’t even like in the first place.

Try reframing your negative thoughts and experiences in this fashion as often as you can. With repetition and practice, you can change all of your negatives into positives.

Step 2: Reduce Negative Media Intake

When you are looking for more positivity in your life, you wouldn’t believe how effective it is to drastically cut down on the amount of news you take in. Most people start their day with the news. And of course, most of the news is bad news, fires, floods, death, etc. Then it is on to traffic and the weather, which increases stress and brings on negative energy. So, by the time you have finished your coffee, you have had enough bad news to last a week. Does all this bad news make you want to throw open the door and greet the day; actually, quite the opposite.

And how about the way we end the day? Many of us watch the news before going to bed and get a big dose of negative information just before trying to go to sleep. If not the news, we find ourselves entertained by needless violence and vitriol in our TV shows, movies, social media, etc. Is it any wonder so many people have trouble sleeping? The mood we are in before we go to sleep carries over to the next morning, so you are setting yourself up for starting the next day in a bad mood. Odds are you don’t need all that negative information you are taking in from the news, and you will function just fine without it.

Try my Guided Daily Affirmations to add more positivity to your day.

Step 3: Trade TV Time for Productivity Time

Your next step toward positivity is to limit the amount of TV you watch. A recent study showed that 78% of the people watching TV are not actually interested in the program they are watching at any given time. So, watching TV is probably making you bored at best, and taking you away from activities that would be more fun or a better use of your time. Prime time is the period when most people are watching TV. However, you can make it your prime time by turning off the TV and using that time to move your life ahead.

Step 4: Say Good-Bye to Negative People

Your next step to happiness is to limit or cease your exposure to negative people. Most people don’t realize how draining it is to be around negative people. Negative Nancy’s, or Ned’s, can drain your energy and spirit in so many ways. Negative people pull you down and can be exhausting to be around. Not only that, but their negative energy can be transferred to you, causing you to be in a bad mood, become frustrated easily, and have negative outbursts.

The best solution is to remove them from your life to the best extent that you can. Never get involved in the office pity party, or complaint sessions that come your way. Seek out people that support you and that you feel good being around. Replace the negative people in your life with your tribe.

Step 5: Stop the Negative Self-Talk

The most damaging source of negativity is actually ourselves. Most of us generate a lot of negative self-talk that our minds accept as the truth, resulting in low self-esteem, lack of motivation, and feelings of unworthiness. We focus on our shortcomings, or problems, and spend our time predicting more bad news for ourselves, generating lots of fear and worry, while undercutting our ability to try new things.

Begin to focus on the positive aspects of you. What are your unique strengths? What have you accomplished? What obstacles have you had to overcome?

Now imagine yourself in the future. Who do you want to be? What other goals do you want to achieve?

With the use of visualization and affirmations, you can create images of yourself accomplishing the things you want, thus replacing any associated negative influences. Give yourself lots of credit for everything that you do right, so even more positive energy will surround you.

Pro Tip: Set aside three minutes every day, either first thing in the morning, or just before bed, to think about all the good things you have in your life right now. The process of thinking of the good things in your life will generate good feelings for you that will last into your day. Not only that, but the Universe will see your energy and greet you at your level with even more positivity.

Step 6: Make Yourself a Priority

Just as important as it is to manage your negative thoughts, it’s just as important to taper your negative habits. It’s true that many of us forget to take care of ourselves throughout the day. This can be for many reasons, such as being responsible for others, not having the time, not thinking you are worth it, etc.

It’s vital that we don’t forget to take care of our bodies. Be sure to eat healthy, cut out bad habits, get regular exercise, and strive for 7-8 hours of sleep every night in order to boost your self-esteem while building your strength and endurance. By taking care of yourself, you can accomplish more and take pride in all aspects of your life.

Step 7: Help Me, Help You

Anytime you are feeling low, or need a quick boost of positivity, start by helping others. Offering our help to others is a surefire way to feel better about yourself. Get involved in a charity, volunteer at an animal shelter, or provide your services to other organizations that need your help. You don’t even need to commit yourself to something fully to help others. The next time you are in a fast-food drive-thru, pay for the person behind you, or donate a bag of food to your local shelter. When you help others, you’ll develop a genuine sense of purpose and happiness. What you put out comes back to you.

Stay Focused on the Positives

By replacing the negatives in your life with positives, you will make yourself, and likely the world, a better place. You will feel better mentally and physically, plus you’ll accomplish many of the aspirations that you’ve had, but never completed thus far. Remember that nothing is ever accomplished without action, so start now to move your life in the direction of your choice.


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