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🎬Vlog Post | The Power of Positive Thought (Positive Motivation Vlog Series)

Believe It’s Possible

Is it possible that the world’s greatest achievers think completely differently from the majority? Do you think the Wright brothers could have ever achieved flight if they hadn’t believed it could be done? Was Michael Phelps’ 28 Olympic medals in swimming a result of an “I can’t do this” attitude? Would Michelangelo have painted the magnificent Sistine Chapel or carved the masterpiece of David if he didn’t know it was possible to create such beauty for the world to behold? Without the imagination and positive thinking of the ‘great achievers’, we wouldn’t have many of the modern advancements and luxuries that we have today.

Think of it this way… do you think that success in any chosen field, can be achieved while the individual is in a state of negativity. For example, could you ever achieve your childhood dream of becoming a professional dancer if you think that it’s not possible? Well, the answer is - it will never work. You cannot obtain your dreams if you don’t believe that you can.

Positive Thinking

I myself have been in the company of negative thinkers, and let me tell you that their influence, if allowed to go unchecked, is very powerful and destructive. When you place a piece of rotting fruit in a bowl of fresh fruit, it spoils the whole batch. Same thing can happen when you have one negative person influencing other people. If you want to be successful in life, it is paramount that you must surround yourself with positive thinking individuals and share your positive thoughts and attitudes with like-minded people.


It is also equally important that you write your goals down and place them somewhere you can read them on a daily basis.

In the late 1950’s, 1,500 students from Yale University were sent a questionnaire with topics about their student experience ranging from the quality of food on campus, to being served at the university’s café, to how easy it was to get books out of the library.

However, these the last two questions of their survey are most significant.

1) Do you have an ambition in your life?

2) Have you written it down?

It wasn’t until 25 years later when a postgraduate student discovered the existence of the survey, and he decided to carry out further research on these last two questions. The results of his findings demonstrate the importance of having and writing down our goals.

He discovered that over 75% of the students who completed the questionnaire had ambitions for their lives. However, only 3.3% (51 students) had actually written their goals down.

After tracking down as many of the 3.3% as he could, he found that all of them had gone on to realize their dreams, be it in commerce, government, and other lifelong professions.

As for the other 75% participants he had managed to contact, many explained that most of what they had achieved in their lives had happened more by chance than design. They had ended up in careers they hadn’t planned for because they didn’t define what it was that they were actually seeking to do. Can we therefore conclude that by writing our goals down, we are actively programming or reprogramming our brains to subconsciously change in order to meet our goals?

Take the Reins

Instead of letting opportunities come to you by chance, it’s time for you to take the reins and steer your life in the direction of your choosing. When you believe in yourself and your abilities, surround yourself with a positive support system, and reinforce your goals by clearly defining them, writing them down, and keeping them in the forefront, you can absolutely start creating the life of your dreams. Who knows, maybe you’ll even go down in history as one of our greatest achievers.

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