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🎬Vlog Post | There is No Time Like Now (Positive Motivation Vlog Series)


Most people in western culture today are so busy running around and trying to be somewhere else. We all want to be somewhere else in our lives, whether that somewhere is geographically, financially, or in our relationships or careers. We want to be anywhere but here as we've been led to believe that if only we can be somewhere else, then our lives would be better and we’d be happy. This “grass is greener” escapism acts like a drug for some people that only gives temporary relief to a chronic problem.


Apart from wanting to be somewhere else, most people today also live by a philosophy of "someday" that allows them to manipulate time. "I can do it, but just not today. I'll do it when…" and they use these excuses to stay in their comfort zones. The problem is that both someday and somewhere are undefined and illusionary. Somewhere does not exist and someday never comes, although you keep hoping that it does. This way of thinking can be very disempowering and is responsible for a lot of disappointment and frustration.


The truth, however, is that right now is all you have. Tomorrow is never promised to you and learning to fully live in, and for, the present moment is a vital distinction to make in creating a great life. Being grateful does not mean that you lose your drive or purpose. Gratitude allows you to slow down and really enjoy the ride. Not only is it healthy to want more from life, but it is also required to be truly fulfilled and knowing where you are now is critical in getting where you want to be.

Using someday as an excuse to soften your problems will not create long term success and fulfilment. Be honest with yourself and stop making excuses only to make yourself feel better. A little pain can be very useful and it can actually move you toward action. There is always something you can do right now to turn your ideas into reality. There is always one small step you can take.

You’re Ready

One of the most powerful abilities you have is your resourcefulness. This means that right now you have all that you need to achieve whatever you desire, and you have the ability to take action now. You do not have to wait for "someday when…" or "when I have completed..." before you take action toward your dreams and goals. The smallest idea acted upon can make all the difference as it immediately makes your idea real and smothers someday because you used your will to consciously take charge in the moment.

Enjoy the Ride

It is important to realize that the purpose of pursuing a goal or a dream is not just to achieve it but even more so in the experience of achieving it. Whatever dream or goal you are pursuing, you will probably spend more time in pursuit of it, than actually achieving it. Many of your goals may even be anti-climactic once completed. The process, or the experience gained, is where your true fulfilment should originate. It’s the actual experience that makes you become something instead of accumulating something. If you can't be happy and grateful without your goal, then chances are that you won't be happy and grateful with it.

Shaping Your Tomorrow

As we remember to live in the present, we must also know where we are going. Celebrate and capture the magical moments of your life. Hold on to them as treasures to take with you into your future. Life is not just lived in the moment but also created in the moment. Now is the best time to design the next ten years of your life. Let your thoughts and knowledge serve you through action. Action is what eventually determines your destiny. Move confidently in the direction of your choosing and don't get seduced by the popular belief that someday things will come your way or someday your luck will change.

You are the source and the creator of your own prosperity, and it all starts with a sense of immense gratitude for everything you already have exactly where you are right now in your life. One of the greatest privileges you have is that you can start right now with exactly what you already have to create anything you desire. This is your ultimate resource to success, and it’s already within you.

Same Day Philosophy

Living in a place called “somewhere” really won't serve you long-term, although it might feel good as a short-term escape or excuse. Having to constantly lie to yourself that you will act on your true desires some day when x, y, or z is just right, will only create an unnecessary burden. When you turn your "someday" philosophy into a "same day" philosophy, you can start to adopt the mindset where you take action on your ideas immediately with exactly what you have and exactly where you are in this moment.


What “someday” and “somewhere” really comes down to is that you falsely admit to yourself that what you need is not available to you. This creates a belief that you are not in control of your life. Instead, “someday” gives the impression that you are waiting for something else to happen before you can take charge.

Ironically, you will only get full access to your true resources when you take immediate action, despite your excuses. True happiness and gratitude never rely on external conditions but are purely determined by your evaluation of where you are now, in the present moment. “Now” contains the seed of the rest of your life. Plant it with joy and water it with gratitude and rejoice in your life for you are its creator.

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