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Deep Dive Coaching Bundles

750 minutes of 1:1 Coaching

Take a deep dive into a transformational journey of self-awareness, personal development, and self-discovery with these life-changing 12 Session Bundle options. Lasting either 3 or 6 months, depending on the frequency of your choice, these bundles are designed to help you make lasting, positive change and to start living your best life.


Choose from Achieve Emotional Awareness, Develop a Growth Mindset, and Discover Your Life Purpose. 


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*Receive a 20% overall discount (applied at checkout) when you pay for your selected package upfront and in full. Pay per session feature also available for your convenience. By selecting the recurring payment option, you agree to pay the per session rate prior to each appointment for the remainder of your desired program at the frequency you select.

This bundle is for you if you: 

Achieve Emotional Awareness
12 Session Bundle

Choose Weekly or Bi-Weekly (2x/mo)

  • have trouble controlling your thoughts and emotions.

  • want to reframe your self-limiting thoughts and build more self-confidence.

  • struggle with handling other people's emotions and want to develop your own interpersonal skills.

  • want to banish judgmental thinking towards both yourself and others.

Achieve Emotional Awareness.png

This bundle is for you if you: 

Develop a Growth Mindset
12 Session Bundle

Choose Weekly or Bi-Weekly (2x/mo)

  • want to change your mindset to become more positive and increase your confidence in your abilities, talents, and in yourself. 

  • wish to conquer limiting beliefs and stop your irrational thinking.

  • get triggered easily and wish to identify what sets you off and learn ways to overcome your triggers. 

  • have difficulty making decisions or taking action toward your goals.

Develop a Growth Mindset.png

This bundle is for you if you: 

Discover Your Life Purpose
12 Session Bundle

Choose Weekly or Bi-Weekly (2x/mo)

  • are feeling lost, stuck, or need more direction or meaning in your life.

  • feel like you are meant for more, feel unfulfilled, or desire more purpose.  

  • aren't sure what you really want or doubt that you are on the right path. 

  • want guidance discovering and living your purpose.

Discover Your Life Purpose.png
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Book a Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute discovery call, conducted via Zoom, to learn more about Total Healing's services and how they can help you start living your best life!

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Exclusive Discounted Rates for Healing Arts Collective Members!

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As a life coach and overall wellness practitioner, I am proud to be offering my services at a discounted rate through Healing Arts Collective for those who can't afford holistic care, allowing me to reach more individuals who want to overcome obstacles, create lasting change, gain control over their thoughts and emotions, and develop a more positive mindset.

Schedule a FREE no-obligation Discovery Call to learn how Total Healing can help you transform!

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