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Self-Guided E-Sessions

In these pre-recorded coaching sessions, you will learn and interact at your own pace, with access to one-on-one coaching support when you need it. 

In addition to the convenient virtual learning, you will receive fillable PDF worksheets for each of the corresponding sections with activities and helpful tips, as well as presentation slides for each e-session.

These e-sessions allow you the autonomy to uncover hidden knowledge about yourself and apply the content at your own pace; plus, use your available minutes of one-on-one coaching time to schedule follow-up sessions at your convenience to discuss content you've learned, questions you may have on the session material, or any other areas in your life you are looking to improve. Choose either 30 or 60 minute follow-up sessions.

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Self-Guided E-Sessions

Create More Happiness Crash Course

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Develop a Growth Mindset

6 Self-Guided E-Session Bundle
180 minutes of 1:1 Coaching

In this self-guided bundle, you'll learn to uncover and reframe the irrational thinking that holds you back from your true potential, discover ways to overcome indecision and inaction, develop more self-awareness, and create action for a mindset that cultivates growth and creativity.

What You'll Gain:

  • Develop an awareness of your emotions and identify your negative self-talk triggers.

  • Learn how you assign meaning to things and reframe your thinking.

  • Tips to use meditation and affirmations to change your mindset.

  • Uncover the lies you tell yourself and overcome judgement of yourself and others

  • Create more self-confidence and discover tools for creating action.

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Bundle Price: $294

Develop A Growth Mindset

Coping with Stress
2 Self-Guided E-Session Bundle

Coping with Stress.jpg
Coping with Stress

21 Day Mindfulness Challange
21 Daily Self-Guided E-Session Bundle

Mindfulness Challenge - Cover Photo.jpg
21 Day Mindfulness Challenge

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