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Single Session

90 Minutes of 1:1 Coaching

While Total Healing recommends completing one of our Session Bundles, available in 5 or 12 sessions, to get the maximum benefits of life coaching, sometimes you may just have a single problem or issue that you want to resolve or you want to brainstorm some ideas with an impartial, non-judgmental third party. If that's the case, then a single session may be ideal. We offer the option to select a one 90-minute session.


Pair it with a numerology report and/or an oracle card reading at the beginning of your session to gain more insight.

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Exclusive Discounted Rates for Healing Arts Collective Members!

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As a life coach and overall wellness practitioner, I am proud to be offering my services at a discounted rate through Healing Arts Collective for those who can't afford holistic care, allowing me to reach more individuals who want to overcome obstacles, create lasting change, gain control over their thoughts and emotions, and develop a more positive mindset.

Book a Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute discovery call, conducted via Zoom, to learn more about Total Healing's services and how they can help you start living your best life!

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Schedule a FREE no-obligation Discovery Call to learn how Total Healing can help you transform!

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